Who I am A Passionate Graphic Freelance Designer
When I began my career 2010
Design areas I basically work in Logos, corporate Identity, printed products, photo processing
Design areas I do not work in 3D graphics, complex illustra­tions
Price for my services as compared to other designers Medium or slightly below medium
What determines the price of my work Task complexity, duration of our cooperation... and your charm
How I estimate the task complexity Subjectively, based on the data you provide
What I can guarantee if I accept your order Design at the level of the works in my portfolio, meeting deadlines, compliance with the brief
What I cannot guarantee but always strive to achieve Exceed your expectations
What I expect from you Compliance with all our agreements, timely payment
What I do not expect, and what surprises me every time Requests to create several versions of a masterpiece for a price of a clipart product
What services I can provide additio­nally for free To advise on design and advertising aspects
How to contact me Please see CONTACTS




Please, use the form to describe briefly what you need. Don't forget to indicate your name and email. The message will be sent to my address peter@mnogologo.com, and I'll reply as soon as possible.
You can also find my page on facebook to contact me.

Peter Mozharov     2015